Beginning a New Job

Recently, I started a new job at a call centre, I have completed the 4 weeks of classroom training and I am 1 day into the real life call training where you take the calls, fully supported by managers and floor walkers. During this process I have realised how often people change jobs or begin a job for the first time and it can be so daunting, the fear of the unknown. No matter how many times you change jobs, nothing can stop the butterflies the night before your first day or the fear of getting out the car once you arrive.

Looking back at my first day, I was so nervous – I have had 3 jobs previous to this one but none of which were a call centre and I think this made me a little more nervous. The assumptions which ran through my head were ‘no one will like me’ ‘everyone will take to the training better than me’ ‘if I get anything wrong, they will laugh at me’. I can now tell you how wrong I was to think any of that was true. When you start a new job with a group of people, everyone is in the same boat – in fact many may feel and think the same things as you. Although you may not like feeling and thinking this way, it is so normal and human. It is okay to be nervous and have butterflies in your tummy.

The most important thing on the first day of a job is to just be yourself. Be helpful, kind and also, if you aren’t understanding something – be honest! Someone else in the room may feel the same as you and doesn’t want to say anything. Everyone picks things up at a different level and that is okay, that is what makes us all unique and different.

My point of this post is to just let you all know that nerves aren’t a bad thing, in lots of situations its good to be nervous and everyone around you probably feel the same way. So, never ever let your doubts and fears stop you from doing the thing that you want to do. Let them push you into doing it and then look back and be proud of yourself for overcoming fears and worries.

Have you recently began a new career path? Did you overcome your fears? If you did, please be proud and well done as it is a difficult thing to overcome at times.

L x


The Importance of Mindfulness

Don’t just look, observe

Don’t just swallow, taste

Don’t just sleep, dream

Don’t just think, feel

Don’t just exist, live

It’s that time again – Sunday, the day before the dreaded ‘Monday – start of the week’. The day where, most of us, are too busy thinking of what we need to do tomorrow, whether that be at work, school or college/uni. And so, I have decided to do a post on mindfulness to help us all stay focussed on the ‘just now’ and stop trying to fast-forward to the ‘tomorrow’ or the future.

Mindfulness is so important for our mental health, life is always so hectic and we are constantly thinking of what we are going to be doing next, instead of living in the moment and focussing on the now. For instance, we have all been that person, sitting at a red light at traffic lights on a Monday morning, becoming impatient and frustrated because we focus on where we should be and all the work that has to be done that day, rather than sitting at the lights and realising that the red light is where we are and getting angry won’t change that.

I am a great believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and that quote ties in perfectly with this post, like the traffic light story in the last paragraph, you are sitting at a red light – yes it can be annoying, but in another world/city/street there has been a car crash, a shooting, a murder… someone has put you at that red light to stall you from coming in to contact with an injury/death. But that is just my take on it.

How many of us focus on brushing our teeth in the morning, and don’t think of anything else whilst we are doing it? How many of us go for a shower and just enjoy the warm water spilling over us, without fretting about worries/tasks/goals? To anyone who can do this, well done because mindfulness is amazing, it allows you time to focus on you and don’t let your train of thought take over your ‘now’. It is a difficult thing to overcome, but like I said it is so important for your mental health not to get carried away thinking of the future because, at times, it can feel like there are no hours in the day but that’s because your mind is in overdrive constantly thinking of the future.

My tasks for this week is to focus purely on the things that I am doing at the time of doing them. To enjoy switching off my phone and having some ‘me’ time. What are your tasks for this week? Are you going to try mindfulness?

Have a lovely week

L x

January Favourites

Hey everyone, another month is upon us so soon and so I have decided to share a few of the bits I have been loving in the month of January… enjoy!

As you may know, I am not a big TV fanatic, but, when I find something I like, I get hooked instantly. I must say ‘The Good Doctor’ has been my main favourite this month. It is an amazing series that I love following, I heard good reviews about it as it is not normally a program I would watch but I instantly fell in love with the main character, who plays autistic surgeon Shaun Murphy. I have went through all emotions whilst following this series, there’s been laughter; tears and everything in between… and that, for me, is a sign of a fantastic drama. I would highly recommend anyone to watch this as I have had trouble putting the remote down after starting this box set.

Music Favourites

The Cadillac Three – Slide (Country)

Cardi B – I Like It (Rap)

Blue Swede – Hooked on a Feeling (Pop)

TV Favourites

2 Doors Down – BBC Scotland

The Good Doctor – Sky Witness

Teen Mom UK Series 5 – MTV

Beauty Favourites

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Benefit – Hula Bronzer

Food Favourites

Home-made Chicken Curry

Custard Creams – Biscuits

Blog Favourites

My brother and sister-in-law started a blog called ‘A Lens on the Past’ focussing on Scottish historic buildings and other history relating to the country, I love it!

‘ Seeking my Utopia, written by Aditya’ is another blog I have been loving, his posts can open your eyes up and see the world in a different light.. they always leave me feeling inspired and motivated and so I would definitely recommend giving it a read.

‘Butterflies and Boundaries by Sinéad Anna Chalke’ is another great read, following the life of Sinéad and her lovely wife. Her posts are always so warming and I would, again, recommend you to check it out.

Anyway, another month over and to see what February brings to us. Nothing planned as of yet but looking forward to, once again, just being chilled, enjoying the ride of life and eating as usual! Happy February folks.

Do you have anything exciting coming up? Let me know!

L x

*Story Time* Nightmare Landlord, Help

Before I get into this post, I just want to throw out a disclaimer to let everyone know that in no way am I trying to convince you not to rent privately or tell you that every landlord/agency will treat you the way we were treated, I am just sharing my story and giving my horrible experience I had with landlords and letting agencies to simply let anyone else with bad experiences know that they are not alone in this.

Oh where to begin… first I’d like to give you a minute or so to grab a cup of coffee and 3 packs of biscuits as this is going to be a long post (sorry!)

Basically, in July 2017, Chris and I decided we were ready to move into our first home together, we both(along with A LOT of help from our families) managed to box up all our belongings and prepared for new beginnings in our little, privately rented, 1 bedroom flat. (Letting Agency held a deposit from us which would be returned once our lease was up as long as there were no damage, remember this… vital part of the story)

The beginning was like a dream, we were in love with our little home, making it our own and this is when the little hiccups began, which I’m sure everyone has at the beginning of a tenancy… we had just moved in and obviously there were little snags and things weren’t working, letter box was broken, smoke alarm was hanging from the ceiling, mess in the back garden, the list went on. So, we decided to write a list of all repairs and take it to our letting agency in order for them to get in contact with the landlord and have them fixed. Once we got to the letting agency, the woman was so nice and sat us down and had a read over of all our repairs and advised that all of them were acceptable and they would contact the landlord, but she advised us that if we need to contact them to just email, so we got her email address and agreed to do this. We left the office feeling satisfied with the conversation we had with the ‘lovely lady’ and felt more ‘adult’ than anything.. you know, getting things done and stuff. Haha!

Couple of weeks later… still no contact from landlord or letting agency about our repairs that we had reported. Both Chris and I work full-time and so his mum was always on hand to help us out as much as she could. We were starting to get agitated about not having anyone in contact and so one day, we asked Chris’s mum if she could give the agency a call whilst we were both at work, and to this day I regret is so much, as what she had to put up with on that phone call was complete and utter rudeness and downright abuse. She was told that ‘at the end of the day, your son and his girlfriend are just kids’, she was shouted at, she was also told ‘that’s fine, we will speak to the landlord and cancel the tenancy agreement’, this obviously upset his mum as she felt partly to blame if they were to cancel the lease (which they didn’t). This was the first time, both Chris and I felt a bit shaky about taking the flat but there was nothing we could do as we were roped into a 6 month tenancy lease. Oh, and those repairs.. ha, we had to get family members to help repair all of these, despite being told at the time in the shop that they would be fixed. Oh and all the horrible things that Chris’s mum endured was all from the ‘lovely lady’ and that’s when we realised… lovely is what she most definitely wasn’t.

Now, I am not entirely sure when we found this out but I know it didn’t take us that long to figure it out as it was coming into winter, we moved our bed out to get something from underneath and I have honestly, hand on heart, never seen anything like it before… I would upload pictures, but my pride got the better of me and I had to delete all the pictures as it was embarrassing living in a house where there was mould growing up every wall. The full wall of our bedroom was infested with it, our hall began turning blue/green with mould as well. I was never done cleaning it off all the walls and I might sound like a drama queen, but, working full-time and in-between constantly cleaning all the walls of my home to get green mould off them was proven extremely difficult and tiring. We didn’t want anyone to come visit as we were mortified, our pride was damaged, our happiness was ruined and it was the beginning of a terrible nightmare that we seemed to never wake up from.

We did contact the letting agents about the dampness/mould and we were told that it was our fault, we haven’t been opening the windows and we had been drying clothes in the house (they had no proof of this, they assumed). Little did they know, our windows were always open, we were freezing and also, IM SORRY, BUT I LIVE IN SCOTLAND AND ITS FREEZING AND RAINY IN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER WHERE ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DRY CLOTHES. We were sent a link for a de-humidifier which we tried and this didn’t work, they had no interest and just kept telling us it wasn’t there problem.

In October, our extractor fan in the bathroom stopped working and they also didn’t fix this, our bathroom didn’t have a window and so this added to the infestation of mould. Our shoes were covered in it and all my furniture was ruined, but I mean… as far as the landlord and agency were concerned, it was our own fault. By now, this was affecting us both mentally, we felt like we were being treated like idiots and the agency told us that we were ‘annoying them’ with our email complaints about the dampness.

At the end of October, we were living without heating as the boiler was broken and the handy-man for the agency was taking ages to come out, we planned for his visit to take place one day after work and so I had just pulled up into a space outside the flat and was on the phone to Chris asking where he was (as both us had been in contact with this man and did not like him one bit), I didn’t get out the car as I was still on the phone and the next minute the handy-man fellow came up to my car and yanked my door open asking if I was going in to the house, I felt intimated, mortified and just got out the car and walked to the flat with him. That night, I cried about the way he dealt with that as he treat me like a little girl, he wasn’t happy and also told me that he didn’t have all day but what I didn’t understand was that he was half an hour early and I had literally just pulled up and also did not see him or I would’ve got out the car.

1st November 2017… we got a letter through the door with big writing ‘NOTICE TO QUIT’, I had never seen this before and so I googled it, that gave me the answers that I needed. We were being asked to leave, in 2 months time. At first, I was scared but after it settled in I was relieved as I was exhausted with constantly fighting with a landlord and his agency – it was tiring and I wasn’t up for the fight anymore. It was a blessing in disguise, and the letter that we had been needing, it was our escape from the most torturous 6 months. We celebrated, we were happy and we felt human for the first time in a long time. The reasoning behind this was that the landlord was selling up but we later found out it was because we were ‘nightmare tenants’ complaining about everything.. the next 2 months were slow, I didn’t wash another wall though as I wanted them to see the full extent of the damage but eventually our moving out date arrived and we were free! There was just one last thing to discuss with the agency… the return of our £375 deposit… but that is a story for another post!!

I hope you enjoyed our little story time about the reasons we left our first home… if you have any experiences/stories on being a tenant please leave them below, I will be sure to upload our story on getting our deposit back soon after this post goes live!

Have you rented a home through an agency before? Have you ever felt like you have been part of a nightmare?

Thank you for reading, always

L x

Interior Design Inspiration

Hey everybody, how are you all?

I am sooooo excited to be writing this post as interior design and myself are definitely the best of friends… I love nothing more than decorating the inside of my home and coming up with new ideas to try out. I can’t be the only person on this planet that can sit for hours on end scrolling through pinterest, looking at all the picturesque shiny furniture and chic livingroom, bedroom, bathroom ideas… my idea of heaven!

For those of you who don’t know me, I first moved out from my parents house in the summertime of 2017 with Chris into a lovely little, privately rented, one bedroom flat (which turned out to be the daddy of all nightmares… story time to come) which only lasted 6 months and then moved into a 2 bedroom house. Now, the flat, as I mentioned has a story attached to it, I am sure once I explain to you what happened (in another post) you will fully understand why we didn’t spend time truly perfecting it, as there were no covering its imperfections. Our dreamy little house, on the other hand, we have put so much hard work and dedicated a lot of our time to enable us to turn it into a home, a safe haven for us to grow together and share many memories. Since I love scrolling through inspiration pages so much, I thought I would write this post in order for my fellow designers/home owners to get some ideas and so, without further ado, here are some of my home’s best bits:

Glitter Wallpaper – Living Room

First and foremost, I must speak about my main feature in my Livingroom… glitter central and I love it! The picture definitely does not do it justice but honestly, when the light reflects off the wallpaper it is the most beautiful sparkle I have ever seen in my life. I had wanted a glitter wall since living in my parents house and finally having this on my wall is the most exciting, perfect thing in the whole world. The wallpaper was purchased for £300 from a stall in the Glasgow Forge Market and we also paid the company to put it on the wall for us which was £200… it seems a lot of money but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Dressing Table – Main Bedroom

Next up, we have my new favourite, located in Chris and I’s bedroom. I had been searching and searching for dressing table ideas and finally stumbled upon this dressing table, mirror and stool (which I now use as a side table) on Wayfair for £68.99 which I thought was an absolute bargain! I then decided to order some Hollywood lights from Amazon which cost £15.99 and a ghost chair from Ikea which was £55 and spiced the chair up with a blush pink blanket and heart shaped grey cushion which were both from Primark. The lights have so many settings and are so bright, I love it!!

Buddha Wall Canvas – Main Bedroom

Again, in our bedroom I had been searching for a canvas for the wall but as our bedroom is huge and the wall is so big, it seemed no canvas filled up the space the way I wanted it to (perfectionist and all that… nothing will ‘just do’) so again, I took to the internet and came across a few of these canvases which I fell in love with straight away. It was from Amazon and cost me £36.99, my initial reaction when it came was ‘oh my goodness, I hate it’ but actually, once we put it on the wall I fell in love with it over again. Also, it seems like a job and a half to get this perfect on your wall (bit like a puzzle) but between me and Chris I think we did okay? Certainly got some laughs while doing it, that’s for sure!

Blinds & Curtains – Main Bedroom

Last but not least, for now anyway, in our bedroom again.. we have roller blinds which I thought were going to look so silly as our window is so big but I love them. They have diamante design and we purchased these through a local blind man (no he didn’t fall out the window while fitting them, heard all them jokes before… haha!) Also, I hope you see the rolling theme of Leigh loves glitter, diamantes and sparkles, and Chris.. well umm… just has to put up with it! Also, our curtains were from B&M and I do love these too as they don’t take away the sparkle as they are see through and are a perfect fit to our room.

Do you have any favourites in your home? Did you take any inspiration way from this post? Please let me know, I would love to hear your opinions and must-haves.

L x

Twenty Nineteen

‘Out with the old, in with the new’

1 January 2019.. another year of making unrealistic New Years resolutions and branding ourselves as ‘failures’ when we don’t manage to go through with; going to the gym everyday, losing 10 stone in a week or getting married and having a baby.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to meet unachievable goals… when, in my opinion, we should be setting small, baby step, achievable targets and not targets that allow us to change ourselves but to better ourselves and challenge ourselves; to step out and do something different.

This year, I decided to set myself some goals that I know I can work towards but goals that don’t necessarily have an ‘achieve by’ date. I have hand-picked some goals that I can spend years working towards to improve myself, my self-confidence and my life. Without further ado, the list is as follows,

In 2019, I would love to work on:

Bettering myself as a person

Being more positive

Stimulate my brain more by reading, doing more activities, blogging more etc.

Living a healthier lifestyle

I do have a bigger goal in mind that I don’t feel the need to achieve but would like to give it a try and that is to start my own YouTube channel and I am also participating in a sky dive for charity and so my goal for that is to go through with it and to enjoy it!

Have you made any resolutions you want to share in the comments? Did you achieve your resolutions from 2018?

L x

My Pooch

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted on here for a very long time now, let’s just say I lost my way slightly… my train of thought went out the window, but that was at my mum and dad’s house, and now I have a new window to stare out of as I have my own little home. Don’t get me wrong, almost every day I thought about starting back up and writing a post but pushed it to the back of my mind for no other reason but being nervous… and a tad lazy to be completely honest. Anyway, I thought I would start afresh in the new year (I have been saying this from 2017.. it is now 2019) with a post about the love of my life; the apple of my eye… my little puppy (sorry Chris lol!)

1. What is your pets name?

My little poochie is called Rosie, now… little story… I loathed this name to begin with. It was Chris (my boyfriend) that chose the name and I absolutely hated it!! The thing is, I know you are going to expect a big story on how he came about the name and how sentimental the name is, the truth is all he did was Google ‘Girl Names for Puppies’… yes so original! I don’t know why I didn’t like it at first and I had no names in mind for a puppy either so we went with Rosie and now I love it… it suits her I suppose and so yes, her name is Rosie aka Rose Bud, Nosey Rosie, Chicken Pie, Sweetie, Baby, Princess… the list goes on!

2. What age is your pet?

We got Rosie on the 6th of November, she was exactly 9 weeks and 1 little day old and was so precious and tiny!! She was complete and utter total perfection… little did we know she was going to turn into a tiny terror… but we still love her (kinda…) lol!!!

3. What type/breed is your pet?

Rosie is, of course, a puppy dog… she is a sprocker spaniel (mix between the two spaniel breeds – a springer spaniel and a cocker spaniel) and I know what you’re thinking, LEIGH ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!?!? Well the answer is, yes… yes I am. Spaniels are known to have selective hearing, very stubborn and absolutely bonkers! But on the flip side, they are so loyal, kind and very clever (when they are not using there selective hearing)

4. Have you taught your pet any tricks?

Like I mentioned above, spaniels are super clever and our wee Rosie can pick things up so quickly, she has learned to sit; lie down; give a paw; high 5; and currently working on roll over! She also walks off the lead confidently and comes back when we shout on her… so far so good anyway!

5. What is the trickiest thing about being a dog owner?

As a puppy owner, having to persevere at night time and listen to them crying… Rosie, luckily, only did this for a few night and then after she was fine in her crate but it is so hard not to lift them out and bring them to bed with you… I can confirm, Rosie almost every night now comes to bed with us but she is still fine sleeping in her crate (which is a good thing too!)

6. What is the most rewarding thing about being a dog owner?

The unconditional love that your dog gives you!!! Seeing their tail wag first thing in the morning and whenever they wake up and see you. The cuddles, seeing them growing and learning knowing that you have played a big part in their growth. Being a dog owner is such hard work but at the end of the day it is one of the most rewarding things I have done so far (in my whole 20 years of life… lol!!)

7. Do you have any memorable moments with your pet?

Her hanging from the Christmas tree and pulling all the baubles off definitely was one of the trickiest times but definitely one of the most memorable moments we have shared together so far… she is a little trouble maker but she makes us laugh 24/7. Also most of the memorable moments is, again, watching her grow and develop, I mean it is pretty sad seeing your tiny puppy growing up but also so very satisfying and rewarding knowing that you are providing so much love and support to help them flourish and blossom.

Now, that pretty much sums up our little puppy update; if you do have any questions on training puppies or just being a dog owner in general I would be more than happy to give my advice and experience on what works for me… I am in no way a dog expert or ‘whisperer’ but I am a dog owner and would be happy to even share experiences with you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and also, please keep in touch with me as I will be posting more regularly now, my laptop is broken at the moment but I am hoping to be posting every Sunday and occasionally on a random mid-week day.

Let me know what you think of my post and leave your experiences on being pet owners down below! Thanks for taking your time once again to read my posts and I hope you have a lovely day…

L x