Twenty Nineteen

‘Out with the old, in with the new’

1 January 2019.. another year of making unrealistic New Years resolutions and branding ourselves as ‘failures’ when we don’t manage to go through with; going to the gym everyday, losing 10 stone in a week or getting married and having a baby.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to meet unachievable goals… when, in my opinion, we should be setting small, baby step, achievable targets and not targets that allow us to change ourselves but to better ourselves and challenge ourselves; to step out and do something different.

This year, I decided to set myself some goals that I know I can work towards but goals that don’t necessarily have an ‘achieve by’ date. I have hand-picked some goals that I can spend years working towards to improve myself, my self-confidence and my life. Without further ado, the list is as follows,

In 2019, I would love to work on:

Bettering myself as a person

Being more positive

Stimulate my brain more by reading, doing more activities, blogging more etc.

Living a healthier lifestyle

I do have a bigger goal in mind that I don’t feel the need to achieve but would like to give it a try and that is to start my own YouTube channel and I am also participating in a sky dive for charity and so my goal for that is to go through with it and to enjoy it!

Have you made any resolutions you want to share in the comments? Did you achieve your resolutions from 2018?

L x

My Pooch

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted on here for a very long time now, let’s just say I lost my way slightly… my train of thought went out the window, but that was at my mum and dad’s house, and now I have a new window to stare out of as I have my own little home. Don’t get me wrong, almost every day I thought about starting back up and writing a post but pushed it to the back of my mind for no other reason but being nervous… and a tad lazy to be completely honest. Anyway, I thought I would start afresh in the new year (I have been saying this from 2017.. it is now 2019) with a post about the love of my life; the apple of my eye… my little puppy (sorry Chris lol!)

1. What is your pets name?

My little poochie is called Rosie, now… little story… I loathed this name to begin with. It was Chris (my boyfriend) that chose the name and I absolutely hated it!! The thing is, I know you are going to expect a big story on how he came about the name and how sentimental the name is, the truth is all he did was Google ‘Girl Names for Puppies’… yes so original! I don’t know why I didn’t like it at first and I had no names in mind for a puppy either so we went with Rosie and now I love it… it suits her I suppose and so yes, her name is Rosie aka Rose Bud, Nosey Rosie, Chicken Pie, Sweetie, Baby, Princess… the list goes on!

2. What age is your pet?

We got Rosie on the 6th of November, she was exactly 9 weeks and 1 little day old and was so precious and tiny!! She was complete and utter total perfection… little did we know she was going to turn into a tiny terror… but we still love her (kinda…) lol!!!

3. What type/breed is your pet?

Rosie is, of course, a puppy dog… she is a sprocker spaniel (mix between the two spaniel breeds – a springer spaniel and a cocker spaniel) and I know what you’re thinking, LEIGH ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!?!? Well the answer is, yes… yes I am. Spaniels are known to have selective hearing, very stubborn and absolutely bonkers! But on the flip side, they are so loyal, kind and very clever (when they are not using there selective hearing)

4. Have you taught your pet any tricks?

Like I mentioned above, spaniels are super clever and our wee Rosie can pick things up so quickly, she has learned to sit; lie down; give a paw; high 5; and currently working on roll over! She also walks off the lead confidently and comes back when we shout on her… so far so good anyway!

5. What is the trickiest thing about being a dog owner?

As a puppy owner, having to persevere at night time and listen to them crying… Rosie, luckily, only did this for a few night and then after she was fine in her crate but it is so hard not to lift them out and bring them to bed with you… I can confirm, Rosie almost every night now comes to bed with us but she is still fine sleeping in her crate (which is a good thing too!)

6. What is the most rewarding thing about being a dog owner?

The unconditional love that your dog gives you!!! Seeing their tail wag first thing in the morning and whenever they wake up and see you. The cuddles, seeing them growing and learning knowing that you have played a big part in their growth. Being a dog owner is such hard work but at the end of the day it is one of the most rewarding things I have done so far (in my whole 20 years of life… lol!!)

7. Do you have any memorable moments with your pet?

Her hanging from the Christmas tree and pulling all the baubles off definitely was one of the trickiest times but definitely one of the most memorable moments we have shared together so far… she is a little trouble maker but she makes us laugh 24/7. Also most of the memorable moments is, again, watching her grow and develop, I mean it is pretty sad seeing your tiny puppy growing up but also so very satisfying and rewarding knowing that you are providing so much love and support to help them flourish and blossom.

Now, that pretty much sums up our little puppy update; if you do have any questions on training puppies or just being a dog owner in general I would be more than happy to give my advice and experience on what works for me… I am in no way a dog expert or ‘whisperer’ but I am a dog owner and would be happy to even share experiences with you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and also, please keep in touch with me as I will be posting more regularly now, my laptop is broken at the moment but I am hoping to be posting every Sunday and occasionally on a random mid-week day.

Let me know what you think of my post and leave your experiences on being pet owners down below! Thanks for taking your time once again to read my posts and I hope you have a lovely day…

L x